Slot tournaments

Why play in slot tournaments

Players who want to mix their routine up a bit should give slot tournaments a try.

Slot tournaments are in our opinion a great way to play in real money online casinos. That’s because in slot tournaments you have to pay a certain price to get in and then have the chance to win a large prize without risking more money.

The entry fees paid by all players in the slots tournament are put together in the prize pool. This prize pool will be split among winners at the end of the slots tournament.

Players in a slot tournaments receive a certain number of tournament credits to start playing. The slots tournament will last for a given time from one day to a full month.

In a slots tournament, Players need to play given tournaments slots. You cannot play any pokies that you want. Only certain tournament slots are part of the competition.

At the end of the period the slots tournament closes and the scores are tallied. Players who win the most credits playing the tournament slots win a prize in the slots tournament!

Where can I play slot tournaments?

Slot tournaments are organised in many local casinos in the world. It is also easy to find a real money online casino where you can play them!

We have reviewed multiple websites where you can play slot tournaments. As a result we can recommend the best choices. We advise playing in a real money casino from the table below.

These casinos offer a good calendar of slot tournaments and have both real money slot tournaments and freerolls!

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What is the price to play in a Slots tournament

To participate in a Slots tournament you need to pay a buy-in. This is the fixed price to participate in slot tournaments.

Most of the buy-in amount is placed in the slots tournament prize pool and the rest is kept by the real money casino as organising fees.

The buy-in can be of any size and you can usually find many different prices in a real money online casino slots tournament schedule.

Usually, if the buy-in is big the total money to be won in the slots tournament will be big too. As a result, if you decide to risk larger amounts in slot tournaments you also can win larger prizes… In addition, larger buy-in slot tournaments tend to have less players in them. As a result, by participating in big buy-in slot tournaments you might win more often.

Can I play slot tournaments for free?

Yes! You can play some slot tournaments for free.

These slot tournaments are called freerolls and you can often find those in a real money casino.

Of course, because these slot tournaments are free to enter you cannot expect large prizes. In addition, you will have many players participating and the competition will be tough. As a result, you can’t really expect to win big playing this type of slots tournament.

But freerolls are by definition free so they can be a great way to build a bankroll in a real money online casino!

Try Slot tournaments freerolls at Miami Club Casino

What happens if I lose all my credits in a slots tournament?

Players receive a given number of credits at the start of slot tournaments. All players start with the same amount. You need to use these credits to play certain tournament slots and only these games. Sometimes you can play any game you like in the slots tournaments. However most of the time the real money online casino will have determined only a few tournament slots for the competition.

When the slots tournament ends the player who won the most credits playing the tournament slots wins.

However casinos know that players might want to get another chance in the slots tournament even if they lost their credits. As a result you will generally be able to re-buy in a slots tournament organised by a real money casino. Once you re-buy you can go back to the tournament slots and get another shot at winning!

Slot tournaments re-buys and add-ons

The re-buy is usually the same price as the original buy-in. Just like in the case of the buy-in, most of the re-buy amount is placed in the slots tournament prize pool and the rest is kept by the real money online casino as organising fees.

In addition to the re-buy some slot tournaments offer players the possibility to purchase an add-on which is another form of tournament credits reload method. The add-on will usually give you more credits for the same price but you can purchase the add-on only once in the slots tournament. On the other hand, re-buys can be made multiple times.

How many times should I rebuy in a slots tournament?

Players in slot tournaments will have different budgets and strategies so there is no one size-fit all. In addition, the credits situation in the slots tournament should impact the decision of players.

As a rule, we recommend making a re-buy only if the top player in the slots tournament has less than 5 times the starting number credits.

If the top player in the slots tournament ranking has more than 5 times the starting number of credits he might be difficult to overtake. As a result, re-buying in this particular slots tournament might be unwise.

In a real money online casino you will generally have many other slots tournaments to chose from. There is therefore no need to bet everything on this particular tournament.

If there is a big leader, just move on and find another one in the slot tournaments list!

Unless of course you really enjoy the tournament slots which are part of that particular tournament. In that case take another stab at it but don’t forget to keep an eye on your budget.

Re-buy only if you can win the slots tournament

Players who take part in a slots tournament need to have the goal of winning it outright.

A Slots tournament will usually pay multiple prizes but most of the money to be won will be on the first place. If reaching the first place of the slots tournament seems impossible, it is not a good idea to re-buy.

Of course it is always possible to trigger a massive jackpot on the tournament slots with your re-buy. In this case you can jump to the lead of the slots tournament and end up winning it. Therefore we cannot tell you for sure what level of credits belonging to the current lead of the slots tournament is the perfect cut-off point.

However in our experience, any leader who has more than 5 times the number of credits you will receive with your slots tournament rebut will be hard to beat…

In slot tournaments you need to play to win but mostly play for fun!

We provide here advice on how to play and win in slot tournaments but one should not forget our most important advice.

In slots tournaments you need to play for fun first!

Just like any other game in a real money online casino, you can win big playing in a slots tournament. But it is a game first and foremost. As a result, you need to keep it light and not let the potential winnings blind you.

Chose slot tournaments based on your budget and the tournament slots in them

We advise playing slot tournaments where the buy-in is reasonable for your budget. We also recommend choosing a competition with tournament slots which you enjoy playing anyway.

If you do that, you will play the tournament slots you enjoy the most without risking too much money and you get a chance at winning a huge real money casino prize!

Winning the tournament is the goal but fun is the most important thing in slot tournaments!

Casino promotions labeled as slot tournaments

In a real money online casino you will often find various types of promotions.

Some casino promotions will offer players a casino bonus. This is for instance the case with the welcome bonus offered by a real money casino.

Sometimes the casino website will set up a promotion which they will name a slots tournament but one should not mix those up with the real slot tournaments.

What type of casino promotions might be named slot tournaments

For example, a casino could invite players to play a certain casino game category on the weekend and offer a prize to players who reach a certain volume of play. In this case, the real money online casino does not specify the tournament slots. Moreover the player does not get tournament credits to play them.

In this case the casino would simply count the total amount wagered on the games and award a prize to the player with the most volume. The real money casino might also be counting the number of loyalty points earned playing the games that weekend.

Casino promotions are great but the slots tournament name should not be overused

Even though these casino promotions can have great value for the player and be fun, we don’t consider them true slot tournaments.

In our view, slot tournaments must be games with a set buy-in and a prize pool. In addition, some tournament slots need to be specified and only play on those count. Winners of true slot tournaments should be those with the most winnings, not the most volume of play.

Of course a casino promotion of any kind is great to have. We therefore like when  a real money online casino organises a promotion to reward the volume of play. We only would prefer if they did not call this slot tournaments as this can create confusion with players.

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